Posted by: reena | April 3, 2008

Jumpstart your Health TODAY!

It is a jump-start program to help you take positive steps towards reaching your health and weight-loss goals. 

Help reduce carbohydrate cravings with delicious low-glycemic foods. 

Discover the lean, healthy and energetic person inside you.

Posted by: reena | April 3, 2008

Things you need to know before going on Nutrimeal

What is Nutrimeal?
Nutrimeal™ is a low-glycemic drink mix that provides complex carbohydrates, soy protein, 8 grams of fiber, and other vital nutrients. With only 230 calories, a delicious glass of Nutrimeal will satisfy your hunger while helping you lose weight. In Malaysia, Nutrimeal is available in Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors.

High-Glycemic/Low-Glycemic Food 
High-glycemic food are the type of food that spikes up your blood glucose levels. Low-glycemic food keeps your blood glucose level more stable, helping to reduce carbohydrate cravings, leave you feeling satisfied longer, and control your appetite more easily. A poor lifestyle can cause your body to over-stimulate the release of insulin-the body’s storage hormone. In essence, if you keep overeating sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates, you will be more likely to gain weight. High-glycemic food includes rice, potato, ice-cream, chocolate, noodles, pasta, (almost everything that you consider your favorite food) etc.  

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During your Reset program with Nutrimeal, STAY AWAY FROM THESE FOOD!  

The first 5 days (Reset Program) 
First, here is a video on the Reset program
Password : 2961941)  

The first 5 days is imperative. Make a checklist of these 5 days. Take Nutrimeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Whenever you get hungry or light-headed, take a piece of fruit or a bowl of steamed vegetable. (Click to view the table below)    


Create an eating schedule. This is useful as you can plan your own menu. There are 2 phases in maintaining your weight. 

Phase II
Continue to take two servings of Nutrimeal and two portions of low-glycemic snacks daily. Stay on Phase II untill you have reached your weight goal. Then go to Phase III.

Phase III
Continue to eat one shake and two healthy snack daily.

Health Maintainence
For optimum health, take Essentials with your Nutrimeal added with 2 Proflavanol for breakfast and dinner.

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My New Life with Nutrimeal

Losing weight has always been my problem.
I LOVE food. I hate exercise.
Take me to an all-you-can eat buffet and I’m in heaven. 
For me, I live to eat, not eat to live. 

Here’s the thing though, my family has a long history of degenerative disease. My dad died of heart attack, my uncle of colon cancer and almost all of my aunts has either arthritis or diabetes. I figured I didn’t want to end up dying young, so I really need to change my eating habits. 

As for my experience with Nutrimeal?
I was restless during my first 3 days. J  It wasn’t hunger but it was craving that drove me crazy. It wasn’t easy especially when everyone around me was eating chocolates, ice-cream sundaes and well, you get what I mean. By my fourth day though, I felt reborned. The cravings lessened and the shake became fullfilling enough, even without the snacking on veges and fruits. 

The trick?
The 3Ds  


Stay away from temptations as long as you can. I made a bet with a friend that if I didn’t lose 5 kg in a month I would not listen to MUSIC for a month. (I could just die!)  

So there!
Try Nutrimeal for yourself and change your life. Change your eating behavior, change your future! After the first 5 days, the hard part will be over. Then I limit myself to at least once a week of eating large. (Award yourself once in a while!)

Then, give yourself a pat in the back. (and maybe a pair of shoes)
Be proud of your accomplishment and stay persistent throughout the month!

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(Taken from the USANA homepage)

Can I drink diet soda (or other non-caloric beverages) while using RESET?
Yes, in moderation, as long as it does not stimulate your appetite and you are still able to drink the amount of water recommended during RESET.  

Can I drink coffee or tea?
Yes, as long as it does not contribute additional calories to your daily intake (meaning no sugar or cream) and you drink the required amount of water.  

Can I mix the shakes with skim milk or soymilk instead of water?
During RESET, it is recommended that you mix the shakes with water. Milk or soymilk will increase the caloric level by 250-300 calories per day.  

I usually work out for longer periods of time than you recommend. Can I continue with my current exercise routine?
It is strongly discouraged. RESET does not provide enough calories to support prolonged or strenuous exercise.  

How often can I repeat RESET?
You may use RESET once every three months to recommit to your new lifestyle. Keep in mind that the purpose of RESET is to help you change your unhealthy eating habits. After you complete the five days, you may choose the Transform or Maintain follow up program, depending on your health and weight loss goals.  

Can diabetics follow RESET?
If you have diabetes, we suggest that you consult your physician to determine if this program is appropriate for you. Keep in mind that these are food products that should be treated like any other healthy food. In general, most diabetics are able to follow RESET, depending on how they are currently managing their diabetes. In some cases, it may be necessary to monitor blood glucose levels more regularly, especially if there is a significant change in carbohydrate intake.  

Can children follow RESET?
No. The caloric level of RESET is not sufficient to support normal growth and development in children. Children under the age of 18 should not participate in the program unless directed by their physician.  

Can I follow RESET if I am taking medication or have a health condition?
We suggest you consult your physician before beginning RESET if you are taking medication, have a specific health condition, or are on a diet specific to certain medical conditions.  

Can pregnant and lactating women follow RESET?
No. The caloric level of RESET is not sufficient to support normal fetal growth and development during pregnancy or breast milk production in lactating women. Pregnant or lactating women should not participate in the program unless directed by their physician.

What if I mess up, what should I do?
If you can’t resist the cravings and end up eating or drinking something that is not on the RESET program, there’s no need to give up or start over. Just start where you left off and move forward.